Looks like adding -T 0 to $COMPRESSXZ in /etc/makepkg.conf should do the trick

Could makepkg on be improved to use all available cores when compressing the tar.xz? 🤔

our meme generation neural network student is getting towards the end of his masters thesis and the results are absolutely a riot

#SunbeamCity got a mention in the #TheNewYorker:

"Recently, when I logged into the Mastodon instance sunbeam.city—a “Libertarian Socialist solarpunk instance”—I found a photo of someone’s blooming spider plant next to a conversation about the consequences of ethical transparency in hierarchical systems. It struck me as the quintessential early-Internet experience."

newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-t #FeDI

A lot of storytelling on modern, “prestige” television seems like a game of chicken between writers to create the most unlikeable character and viewers to still root for them

William Carlos Williams is a poet I can get behind.

Are there any home lighting dimmer switches that *don’t* buzz when they’re on less than all the way?

"Can we all please stop using Medium now?"

Good post by @pastaduck@twitter.com.

If you really must use Medium, publish the post first on your own blog and then use "Import a story" feature within Medium to post it there too. You get best of both worlds that way.


The Internet was better when it was fun and weird and didn’t take itself seriously

Is a "media cleanse" a thing yet? And are books the green smoothie in this scenario?

Here’s another quote that pretty well sums it up: “They’re starting to see that embracing these things we’ve rejected out of fear of being called ‘gay’ or ‘a pussy’ are actually huge acts of courage.”

My point in all of this is twofold: 1.) It sucks that women have to compensate for men’s pitiful EQ’s, and 2.) “toxic masculinity” is the perfect phrase to describe something that leaves men depressed and unable even to articulate it

“The persistent idea that seeking therapy is a form of weakness has produced a generation of men suffering from symptoms like anger, irritability, and aggressiveness,” which are, by the way, common symptoms of depression in men

Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden

Kylie-Anne Kelly can’t remember the exact moment she became her boyfriend’s one and only, his what would I do without you, but she does remember neglecting her own needs to the point of hospitalization.


After three years together, when exhaustion and anxiety landed her in the hospital and her boyfriend claimed he was “too busy” to visit, they broke up.


#feminism #womanhood #shaarlien

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