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I’m so tired of software developers making their code clever at the expense of readability

Takes about a minute on social media these days to get my heart rate up. So much BS.

@djmoch This is not how the -release or -current packages are built though. I think the people in charge of them use dpb(1) but I don't know.

Ahh, the DKIM filter is spiking the CPU, and probably explains why smtpd grinds to a halt.

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Adding a cron job to restart smtpd is also less than ideal to say the least, but I don't have time to debug this today and I'd like to keep getting email.

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I wonder if smtpd doesn't like being attached to a WireGuard interface ...

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It’s hard to know who’s shouting your name in public when everyone is wearing masks.

To be clear, I think this is a small price to pay.

Reworked my network layout. Now everything is working as I’d hoped.

Learned a few lessons today.

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Bridge interfaces are not as simple as I’ve been led to believe. Although it might also be fair to blame me for how I’ve segmented my network.

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Any users out there have any theories why a packet might get dropped between a vlan interface and a bridge interface? PF is disabled and IP forwarding is enabled.

Got notice today that my student loans are paid in full. Just in time to start paying private school tuition for my kids!

Our thesis is that the web browser is a symptom of the failure of Unix to properly abstract networked computing at the OS level. We demonstrate this with reference to Plan 9 by …

The discussion over whether C++ still deserves its bad rap demonstrates that it does

I guess the bottom line of what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t *seem* like a paradigm of programming that cordons off IO is fundamentally “right,” however “pure” it might be

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