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I’m so tired of software developers making their code clever at the expense of readability

Hide your true nature!... Wear it long enough and YOU will believe it's you.

If you insist on programming text editor, with syntax highlighting, that runs in the terminal, I think vis(1) is the best option.

It supports the same pipe operations (|, <, >) that acme(1) does, making it a much more natural claimant to the title of "The Standard Unix Visual Text Editor."

Apple shareholders reject motion to publicly declare freedom of expression as a human right

TikTok is “fundamentally parasitic”, says CEO of a tech company that won’t let anonymous users access their content anonymously via a web browser

I think I could get into Lua if I could think of a situation where I really *needed* to configure something using a Turing-complete language

Looks like there's something wrong with my SPF/DMARC configuration.

This is why no one runs their own mail server anymore.

I run my own mail server, and Yahoo was kind enough to send me eight copies of yesterday’s DMARC report ... at the same time.

Like, literally the same moment.

Just weird ...

I was jaundiced at birth. I keep my emoji yellow in remembrance of this.

Bummer. Can’t use sysupgrade(8) to downgrade from a snapshot to the previous, stable release. I’m going to have to do this manually to see if I get better download speeds with the stable iwm(4).

The biggest misconception about getting to orbit that I keep seeing over and over is that it’s about reaching altitude

On the contrary. Orbital velocity is all about horizontal speed. Altitude is just to get above Earth’s atmospheric friction and heating ‪at those speeds‬

Aggrorithm (n): an algorithm written to incite aggression. Aggrorithms are a dark pattern employed by businesses with bottom lines tied to confrontation and conflict (“engagement”). Profiling data is used to nudge users into conflict and increase revenue.


@mcmoots @parenthetical Depends on the size of the CSV file. If it's less than 10MB in size, it's "data science". If it's larger, it's "big data"


To file a public comment submit your thoughts at, quoting proceedings 17-108 for net neutrality aka restoring internet freedom, by the end of March

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Anyone here use and willing to share their thoughts on it?

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