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I’m so tired of software developers making their code clever at the expense of readability

«We cannot have a society in which, if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it's financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.»

— Jaron Lanier

Now that I’m trying to work with the API, this seems like a dumb question. Checked exceptions are too burdensome.

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Java’s Lock interface provides the methods lock and lockInterruptably, the former not responding even to user interrupts.

In what world would I ever want to lock non-interruptably?

Incidentally, I had been reading nobs(1) as "knobs," but I understand now that it should be pronounced "no-b-s" (bs for backspace, but one could think of more creative expansions).

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if(~ $termprog 9term || ~ $termprog win){
fn git {
`{which git} $* | nobs

Adding a second DoT provider to my forward zone seems to have resolved things:


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Internet is slow. It can't be DNS. There's no way it's DNS.


It's DNS.

Reading a blog post from 2009 where someone mentions a 787 Dreamliner and realized that after more then 10 years I’ve still never seen one in the wild

I'm relieving stress my cultivating my fortunes file. Send me your best!

OpenBSD hackathon #k2k20 started. deraadt committed the associated picture

(I am not at k2k20)

I could be happy with X11, if only it didn’t use that architecture and weren’t written that way

Semver is a meta-API, and developers who are cavalier about violating it can’t be trusted to created stable contracts

Just timed a full build-and-test in Go at .95s. I’ll need to re-implement this in Java anyway, so I’ll be curious to see what the time run returns there.

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I might be speaking too soon, because my reference is ~30s to run a full build and test with Maven, whereas 5ms in Go is just the test. So not an apples-to-apples comparison.

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Everybody talks about how fast Go compiles and runs compared to, say, Java. What you don’t hear as much about is how fast tests run. I’ve got a test standing up a mock HTTP server, running some requests against it, checking responses, unmarshaling JSON, etc.

5 milliseconds

If you say, “Everything is political,” in one breath, and, “Never compromise,” in the next, then you’ve just contradicted yourself.

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