@djmoch "Ring Neighborhoods" exsited before Amazon purchased them. There has been an app for a long time that shared what was going in your neighboorhod. Allowed you to watch videos etc: shop.ring.com/pages/neighbors

I’m working on a PowerPoint, and I keep typing a bullet point and then hitting ESC, because

My thesis is that Doogie Howser, M.D., was the world’s first blogger. I defend this by appealing to …

It’s a myth that giving your life to your work will be ultimately fulfilling, but it’s in every business’s interest for their employees to believe it

In a move that certainly won’t be abused at all, Chinese researchers say their AI can tell you’re a criminal based on nothing but pictures of your face vice.com/en_us/article/d7ykmw/

Me welcoming back the consultants I work with: “Welcome back to the swamp! No, not *that* swamp, the *actual swamp* that is Florida in summer.

Anyone know of a FOSS survey web app à la SurveyMonkey?

I'm that guy you probably hate who listens to weepy singer/songwriter music. I make no apology.

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

The odd thing is, I have monitoring set for that sort of thing, so that either didn’t work, or the notification fell through the cracks

The root partition on the system hosting this instance filled up overnight, so I probably have some gaps in my view of the global timeline

Hmm. It looks like GNU Make has a dependency on Guile. Does that mean one can write a Makefile in Scheme? Would one ever want to do this?

I have neither interacted with Gab, nor do I want to, but you all keep reminding me that it exists, and that's kind of a bummer

Not sure why I’m so grumpy about this, except you shouldn’t need JavaScript to render your *static text*

No, I will not read your code published on your self-hosted GitLab instance, because I don't trust Javascript hosted on random websites

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