After spending the weekend playing around with Minikube and researching best practices for using full-blown Kubernetes, after several months of working with OpenShift Container Platform (still in progress), I'm still not convinced these tools are any easier to use than a package manager and some smart scripting.

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Not only are K8s and OCP *not* easier to use in a nominal case, but if they fall over they're orders of magnitude more complex to debug. I spent hours over the weekend chasing an issue running Minikube that came down to a conflict with my nftables config.

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Someone will tell me I'm not thinking about the scale these tools are designed to operate at. You're really talking about two things: infrastructure-as-code and resource utilization. For the first, again, package manager and smart scripting. Fight me.

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For resource utilization, container orchestration in some form probably is the future, especially if you're pushing your enterprise architecture toward microservices and Twelve-Factor apps. But I'd like to see something more KISS than K8s be the ultimate answer to the question of how we do orchestration.

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