@djmoch Holy cow do we ever need to revisit third party doctrine.

@djmoch I’d love to devise a hack that superimposes that “neighborhood watch” guy lurking in all the camera footage.

@djmoch "Ring Neighborhoods" exsited before Amazon purchased them. There has been an app for a long time that shared what was going in your neighboorhod. Allowed you to watch videos etc: shop.ring.com/pages/neighbors

@djmoch btw since this I'm getting all kinds of Facebook ads for Rung Neighborhood

@djmoch not to try to redirect the outrage, but they're not the only company that's doing this kind of bulshit. There's a lot of marketing material coming out of IBM when they're talking about leveraging the cameras in smart cars, even just like the review cameras and stuff, to act as a community level dragnet.

@djmoch I'm sure this was in the executive summary when the project was started, except it was "Provides delayed- and real-time avenues for law enforcement investigation."
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