I'm surprised more people aren't talking about Seems like an admirable project. I am currently running it and I am amazed by it. It is simple, straight forward and rock solid. Big shout-out to

@containsliquid @dev Is there a migration path from Mastodon to I'd be interested in that for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately not. I "lost" all my post while migrating to But for me it was more like starting on a clean plate.

@containsliquid What about follower/following lists, block/mute lists, etc? There are lists for your followers/followed accounts. They are part of your public profile. You can choose to block an account but i do not know where these will be listed.

@containsliquid What I meant to ask was whether it was possible to migrate those lists from Mastodon. I know I can export them on this end. Is there a way to import them over there? Thank you!

I still consider it in early development, and I am currently focused on fixing bugs, improving stability and making the code simpler.

But that's definitely something I would consider once it reaches 1.0.

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