The curse of DevOps is that there is a lot of free software out there for teams to use, but most of it isn't very good.

@djmoch imo, this is what k8s *seems* to be getting right. It wraps a lot of things, but is becoming more pluggable and generic with each release. In my mind, it's like an OS for container orchestration.

e.g. if someone isn't happy with Ubuntu/Arch/etc, they may roll their own distro. But it's still Linux. That feels like the goal of k8s: customize it, but within a standardized ecosystem. It's how Google, Amazon, MS, Red Hat, etc. all have it in their own clouds.

@jwkicklighter I think k8s is to container orchestration what Jenkins is to orchestration in general. They’re really powerful, popular solutions in their space that are also heavy and/or complex to the point that I hesitate to use or recommend them.

I just hope ten years from now we’ll have solutions that are every bit as powerful but a lot simpler.

@jwkicklighter That’s already happening with Jenkins. Travis is much simpler, and sourcehut seems to be pushing the simplicity even further.

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