@djmoch Their customers are hyper-pissed. The worst part about it, the distributed nature of their engineering and the company in general means it could have been done by an engineer, who honestly just wanted performance data, but didn't think of the consequences.

Ubiquiti is only for SMB and home pro/am installations anyway. No 24/7 support, no world wide support....

@gedvondur If you position yourself for the prosumer market, you need to be ready for the fact that those are exactly the customers who *expect* better than this

@djmoch Agree completely. Considering Ubiquiti's non-standard corporate structure, distributed operations and complete lack of any sort of marketing department, it's never been clear to me *who exactly* Ubiquiti has been targeting.

I'm pretty sure they consider themselves enterprise-grade. I think the prosumer aspect was a happy accident for them. Not that you can tell, since they don't do marketing or talk to the press or analysts.

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