I've come to the point where I tolerate as the best available option for a visual editor. I still think the sweet spot for me is somewhere between classic vi and vim.

:dont_at_me:, Plan9 people!

Screw it. My problems with are almost all about colorscheme. From now on, set t_Co=0.

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@djmoch Neovim has been nice for me. I've got a fairly simple config you can look at, if you want to.

I am happy to help with anything else, if I can.

@trevdev Thanks. My problems are more philosophical at this point than practical/tactical. I’m just tired of how fidgety it is.

@djmoch I get it. I even fidgeted myself into fidget atrophy. After trying for many weeks to config Neovim into a solution that could compete with something like VSCode, because VSCode just can't vim well, I finally slashed my config file and let go of VSCode altogether.

I can definitely say it was a huge relief to do so.

What sort of fidgeting is tiring you out?

@trevdev Colors and ftplugins, I suppose. Text editing just seems like it should be simpler.

I’ve said it before, but I think the sweet spot for me would be closer to POSIX vi. Seems like a good autoindent algorithm is all that’s missing.

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