I’m going to say it: I’m a software developer, and I don’t think the terminal is right for *everything*

There seems to be a movement afoot to add support for graphics —and even video playback —to the terminal. I don’t understand this.

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Terminals are for terminal things, GUI’s are for graphical things.

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I say this as someone who thinks textual interfaces are generally superior to graphical ones.

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It just feels weird that we can’t figure out anything better to do with a whole paradigm of user interface than use it to do *exactly what the other paradigm was created for*

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@djmoch Well... you have a couple of us who primarily use the terminal and thus a need has been created.

If I want to manage my pictures I do not want to install a GUI. I don't really need a file manager as I handle all that stuff on the command line.

So a simple command in the terminal suits my need perfectly.

@shellkr I don’t understand a world where people want both to look at their pictures and to do so with a second-rate user experience. I’m sorry, but if your list of what a terminal should do includes graphics, then you’re pushing against the entire history of computing. Terminals are *textual* interfaces, and folks who want to make-believe that isn’t the case puzzle me.

@djmoch It is not really second-rate. There are no direct load times and I do not need to lift my fingers from the keyboard. My experience is better than with a GUI.

What is it with a GUI that makes it the better experience?

@shellkr I don’t see the added value over just a basic terminal emulator and something like feh, but your tools are surely more complicated than they need to be in order to do this in the first place

@djmoch I use feh too... It depends a bit what I want to do. I have a keybind that will take input from clipboard.. in case I want to see an image from a link or something like that.

It isn't as fast to work with though.. I guess I could keybind a similar thing with 'feh --thumbnails' and setup some aliases but Ranger is damn nice for this thing.

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