More lines of code means more bugs. Therefore, the easiest way to write less bugs is to write less code. That’s not to say doing so would take less time. Indeed, large software projects often grow large because of a lack of time.

Software engineers are constantly subjected to the same conundrum Blaise Pascal faced when he wrote, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have the time.”

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@mmu_man For the longer version of the call to make things shorter ... ;)

@djmoch I remember hearing at one point if a microsoft developer wrote a single line of code in a day, it was a good day

@xmakina On a bad day the write several thousand.

Ken Thompson famously said that one of his most productive days was *deleting* a thousand lines of code.

@djmoch FUNNY! Reminds me of the Quote... "Nobody Goes there Anymore... Too Crowded..." Yogi Bera

@Gregvan Yeah, Yogi Bera was a master of the ironic witticism

@djmoch Nobody Drives Anymore... Too Much Traffic! (Same Joke - Different Words)

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