Kyle seems like a weird storm. When was the last time a tropical storm formed that far north?

It always amuses me to see The New Yorker use a diaeresis to indicate that adjacent vowels should be pronounced separately. I know of no other modern, English-language publication that does this.

This lede could be rewritten, “Security researchers detect undetectable malware,” and it would only highlight the already-present absurdity

What the heck is that running off the TL corner of my screen? Is that another battery indicator?

Thought I’d join in on . I have not one but *two* windows, plus a third if you count the company laptop. The ThinkPad on the right is my personal laptop for use doing research I don’t need VPN access for

Why wife laughed when she saw this, so I think it’s okay for me to share it with all of you

I feel like I’m being watched by some sort of nerdy, surprised bug

I tried to quit Vim like a bad habit. I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

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