Completed porting all of my VPS infrastructure to over a Vultr (which has a datacenter closer to me than DigitalOcean anyway).

This instance remains hosted on an VM at the moment. Need to schedule time to change that.

Just built a EFI image combining the kernel and initrd, which I then signed for verification by my TPM, because

That takes care of pretty much the last compromise I had made since migrating this laptop away from

Going through a bit of a distro-hopping phase, as I've (inevitably?) become annoyed enough systemd to not want to use anymore.

Stuck with the question of whether I'm currently using as opposed to something like because of some hipster instinct, or if I'm genuinely tired of the rolling-distro experience too.

I'd be remiss if I didn't say that it seems like 32 is getting their act together. I've been able to upgrade my pentium4 system without issue for about a month now. Used to see the kernel go out-of-sync with pre-built modules all the time.

Keep up the great work, maintainers!

FWIW, finally got a response on the 32 IRC channel

pacman-key --refresh will download an updated key from a public keyserver

The right answer is to get the updated key into the official archlinux32-keyring package, but this stopgap works until that happens

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I hate to say it, but the whole project seems a bit amateurish compared to what I’m used to from upstream

It’s not just this either, packages with broken dependencies are regularly pushed to production

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Can’t pacman -Syu my 32 box because one of the keys used to sign better than a dozen of the packages I need to upgrade expired today

Looks like I need to start using makechrootpkg so I can verify that I've got all the right dependencies defined in my PKGBUILD's from now on.

I guess arch-general is bikeshedding text editors today

Actually I’m starting to think it’s the version of vi(1) provides

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So HiDPI font rendering appears not to work on after the update to Qt 5.13.1 on

Anyone else seeing this?

I love using because I have complete control over my OS. Less great is spending an hour recovering from an upgrade because I mis-typed a letter in a script.

Working with the 32 maintainers regarding Perl packages in the pentium4 repo has proven to be more rewarding than just bitching about it here.

Let that be a lesson to us all.

At this point I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that Wireguard builds for 32 are broken and that the only way I can get it working is with DKMS

Could makepkg on be improved to use all available cores when compressing the tar.xz? 🤔

Someone on the AUR mailing apparently has a surplus of condescension today and they’re just looking for someplace to unload it

It seems my Raspberry PI running ARM never came back up after Saturday's update. It hosts my IRC bouncer, so I won't be online in that regard until I can get back up and running.

Since my original post, systemd 242-2 has entered testing with a couple of backported commits to address the issue. Initial feedback is encouraging.

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If you use with a systemd-based initcpio, then you might want to hold off updating to systemd 242.

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