I mean, I’m angry a lot too, so no judgment here. Sometimes it just feels like the lingua franca here.

Maybe I’m following the wrong people ...

I don’t know how you all find the energy to be so mad all the time

I think Hollywood has forgotten what makes a character interesting, so let me clear this up:

Unlikeable != Interesting

I had the kind of day you need to cool off from before talking about so you don’t say something stupid 😡

I've decided to start curating my own fortune file. If you've got any good quotes, send 'em my way!

Is this a shitpost? 

@fribbledom Sorry if I was unclear. I’m taking about packages as distinct from modules. So like a subdirectory in a project.

I agree that it would be hard to imagine a useful module as small as I’m describing.

How common is it in Go to have a package for just like a dozen or so lines of code? It seems like it would be pretty common given the package is the encapsulation boundary. Am I right on that?


@noelle Doesn’t require storing in plain text, but even reversible encryption is still bad

Got lost down a YouTube rabbit hole and now I’m a Rob Pike fan.

The outcome could have been much worse.

@stringlytyped They May all suck, but npm seems to suck in a special way

The year is 2419, and my navigator absolutely insists on doing the plotting for all our hyperspace jumps from within emacs.

Sometimes being a father to a young boy means literally sitting on the floor and letting him (pretend) punch you

it's only spaghetti if it comes from the spaghett region of Italy, otherwise it's sparkling ramen

mastodon needs moms, signal boost 

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