Having some trouble assimilating the fact the Ronald Moore (of Battlestar Gallactica fame) created the Outlander TV series

For all it’s trying, the Internet today still hasn’t topped Homestar Runner.

Looks like I need to start using makechrootpkg so I can verify that I've got all the right dependencies defined in my PKGBUILD's from now on.

@trevdev Boundaries seems like a good way to convey both that it’s something to take seriously *and* that opinions very.

Like my wife *loves* a rough-and-tumble debate, whereas I can find them emotionally fraught. How do we deal with that? Boundaries!

BHB2007: A Baby Binary Star in Formation

Image Credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO), F. O. Alves et al.

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap191016.ht #APoD

Life on the Internet:

Person A: Here are my thoughts. Am I wrong on this?

Person B: Actually, maybe.

Person A: No, *you’re* wrong!

The whole world starts to look like Fox News when we give up the assumption of good faith in those we disagree with

@bluetechgirl Probably should have annotated it somehow to make it clearer I was being sarcastic

@bluetechgirl it most certainly is. The eye roll was my sarcastic face.

One of my great fears for the fediverse is that it becomes this alternative echo chamber where genuine questions are shut down and silenced in the same manner as trolling and hate speech

We all deserve to feel safe here, and for some of us that will mean safety to ask hard questions

The way China is flexing recently (to say nothing of the hostility journalists are facing stateside), they probably *should* worry darkreading.com/cloud/when-usi

‪It’s also why I think “architect” is a better descriptor for software practitioners than “engineer”‬

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