I never noticed it until a t-shirt pointed it out to me, but the Fediverse really is just pictures of cat pics, isn't it?

So, if I were going to set up an IRC service on danielmoch.com, would I use ngircd or unrealircd? 🤔

It's fun to watch @ludovic and @sir each remark on Sourcehut's support for Mercurial, and then boost one another's remarks.

If that sounds sarcastic, it's not supposed to be. I really do think it's kind of cool.

That's why developing web apps is pain. And making pages is pain. We're tearing web apart with different goals and priorities and it sucks for all use cases.

That feeling when a female figure catches your eye from across the bookstore and you realize it’s your wife

dating website but you choose your archetype based on this character sheet

@codesections I definitely think they’re different, but with some overlap. Venn diagrams and all that.

@codesections I’m referring to the number of language constructs. Compare Go to other modern languages there isn’t as much to learn.

Packages as abstractions is a fair point, but as long as we want software to do everything there is going to be a lot of stuff out there in terms of quantity. I don’t see any way around that. What we *can* do is the languages themselves.

@codesections I think languages like Go deliberately eschew layers upon layers of abstractions precisely as a reaction against this trend

Two people die every second. `yarn install` takes 45 seconds on my machine. 45 * 2 = 90.

Every time a JS programmer runs `yarn install`, 90 people die. 🤔

20 years on from 1999, and there hasn’t really been any significant changes to the way I party. I still party like it’s 1999.

Just what I always wanted. The biggest problem with programming languages is their support for looping.

@bob Of course this ignores everything about Keybase besides PGP key management, but I haven’t personally found the other stuff compelling

@bob Keybase saw the problems with PGP keyservers and said, “Let’s apply some Silicon Valley magic and fix it!” Except the solution is maybe worse than the problem.

Mastodon + Keybase. Can we not reproduce the antipatterns of centralization around particular sites? Keybase is hardly decentralized, and you don't need it to do encrypted chat.

I’ve probably said this before, but there’s a part of me that believes—no matter how many times I tell myself it isn’t true—that batteries must weigh more when they’re fully charged

@poetgrant I’m biased, but I maintain a CLI utility for interacting with NextCloud Notes that serves me quite well. It’s highly configurable and allows you to edit notes with the editor of your choice.


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