I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get back into C for a while, so I decided to use it for the Advent of Code challenges.

Still looking for an actually-useful project, or maybe I’ll find something to contribute to.

@tyil @tejrnz Count yourself lucky. I felt out of place there as someone who isn’t particularly passionate about systemd to begin with.


@tejrnz Count yourself lucky that your local LUG wants to do anything but promote anti-systemd zealotry

@jerry FedEx seems to be earning themselves a lot of heat this weekend[1]. Sorry to hear about your experience.

1 – twitter.com/karaswisher/status

The steward of the .org top-level domain is one of the last people you would want to see beholden to his profit motive, but here we are


curl + jq seems like a really good, Unix-y way to interrogate a REST service

Take action to save .org and prosecute those who sold out the internet


a new (to me) twist on the joke-punch-line-winking-dog meme.

and Q!

CW for alcohol reference, pun, eye contact


Careful scoping does not seem to be a feature of modern software design. For instance, your web app doesn't need to embed a "production ready" server. We're already going to put it behind a reverse proxy. Just focus on making you web app great!

I'd be remiss if I didn't say that it seems like 32 is getting their act together. I've been able to upgrade my pentium4 system without issue for about a month now. Used to see the kernel go out-of-sync with pre-built modules all the time.

Keep up the great work, maintainers!

(Not to mention the fact that the guy ostensibly heading up the project seems to be somewhat of a charlatan, at least by this telling)

It's too bad pipenv never took off. The issues outlined here are still valid, and dependency management in Python is still not great.


@bjarni I never thought ally whether there was an English word for this, but I’ve definitely felt it before!

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