I guess he’s actually more of a patron saint than a hero

@tejrnz “I know this is hard, Terry, but you had to learn sometime.”

I’ve seen the Honest Trailers’s take on Twilight enough times to know what Pattinson brooding looks like. So no, I’m not looking forward to “The Batman.”


:brain1: Broken xsession
:brain2: Working xsession
:brain3: No X11 at all
:brain4: Plan9?
:brain5: Quit computers

Spent a good 20 minutes this morning trying to figure out why my X11 session wouldn’t start. Turned out when I edited my .xsession file I changed an if statement to an f statement, and /bin/sh didn’t like that.

@orbjet I probably wasn’t very clear. I’m trying to create a situation where I can manage a private, remote repository of packages. If I just create a package locally, then I can just use installpkg. slackpkg+, as I understand it, is a plugin (?) for slackpkg that allows pulling from third-party remote repositories.

Hey, folks, I’m looking at moving a server over to use Slackware, but I have some packages I’ll need to build myself (which I assume is pretty common).

Is slackpkg+ the go-to for installing from private repos? Or should I be looking at something else?

I will forever be a grumpy idealist, just like my hero, Dr Cox from Scrubs

I believe Zeynep Tufekci has been talking about this idea for a while now. Privacy isn't entirely something we can build for ourselves.

"The lesson is that privacy is public — it is a collective good that is logically and morally inseparable from the values of human autonomy and self-determination upon which privacy depends and without which a democratic society is unimaginable."


The world would be a better place without web browsers. Can we keep the Internet, but get rid of the Web?

@vi What's the Rust Evangelism Strike Force on about now?

Can’t get IPv6 via SLAAC working with Dnsmasq ... 😩

@Gina Any person who crosses you will live to regret it, or might not live at all!

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