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Taking my 3yo out for brunch today and hearing The Cardigans’ Lovefool on the radio has me feeling

TFW you really have to pee, but that would mean getting out of bed and starting your day

I see Mastodon can now integrate with Keybase, and I'm wondering if that's even worth it for a single-user instance hosted on the same domain as everything else. Leaning toward no for the time-being, but God knows I love the challenge of setting up something like that.

"If we do not fix our breaking world — and that must be our priority — technology will likely only hasten the demise of the human race. The context cannot be solved by technology alone; governments must take action. But most existing governments are equally incapable of sorting this out."

#tech #ethics #SurveillanceCapitalism

I'll have to write a debrief of my experience at some point, partly for the catharsis, but also because the whole process could have been much smoother if things processes were clearer. Maybe putting something in writing will get some attention on that and things will improve.

(Don't tell me I'm wrong on that; just let me keep my hope!)

I haven't talked about it yet, but the experience of getting a new laptop has been frustrating. Original unit was defective, and resolving that took about 5-6 weeks. Just got the replacement today, and everything looks good so far!

This is probably a bit esoteric, but I’m wearing a sweatshirt right now with my shirt tails sticking out the bottom, and I feel like I’m in college again

Short work day today. Excited to get home and have a couple days with the family. Also, tonight is date night!


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