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Someone on the AUR mailing apparently has a surplus of condescension today and they’re just looking for someplace to unload it

‎Listen to this podcast and remember that there are large segments of “liberal America” that are happy to pay higher taxes to build a homeless shelter as long as they don’t have to look at it when they step outside their homes

So tmux made a ton of breaking changes to their configuration API between 2.8 and 2.9 and I'm just not having it today.

After considering for two days what to try first, I finally figured out a first step to trying to fix my Raspberry Pi.

I turned it off and on again.

That fixed it.

HUMANS: why does my dog bark at literally anything?

ALSO HUMANS: *spends tens of thousands of years breeding dogs specifically selecting for watchdog alertness characteristics*

One important skill to have as a developer is knowing when to fully understand something before trying it and when to work in the opposite order

Any recommendations for FOSS CAD software? I’ve got some ideas for small carpentry projects ...

tfw click on a link called "Ethics in Computer Science" and the result is "Not Found"

So it looks like another open source foundation has moved the core of its development over to a proprietary platform

GitLab’s approach seems to be to take adopt standards and then deviate from them is ways that I find infuriating.

1. Pull Requests become Merge Requests

2. In Mattermost (their fancy IRC), channels are indicated by tildas instead of hash marks

Contact your local GitLab representative today and tell them to stop messing with established standards.

It seems my Raspberry PI running ARM never came back up after Saturday's update. It hosts my IRC bouncer, so I won't be online in that regard until I can get back up and running.

I'm gonna be real with you guys for a minute. Sometimes when my kids are upset in the middle of the night they call out for me instead of mommy, and this makes me feel like an absolute hero.

When you feel like you’re hungry, but you’re really just tired

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