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I have zero trust that Facebook is calling for regulation now@for any reason other than to cement its dominant position in its market

GNU/Social will support ActivityPub via my plugin before Mastodon and Pleroma deprecate OStatus.

I look forward to helping modernize the GS code base this summer 😄

#gnuSocial #activityPub #fediverse

External bus technologies are confusing as all get out. Is Thunderbolt 3 inclusive of USB-C power delivery? Or do I need to say that separately?

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy 🥓

Turns out just adding the web app to my home screen might be the best Mastodon app for iOS

what if: git but distributed instead of centralized 🙃

Remember when the term “worldview” seemed apt and not cringeworthy?

Someone should open a bar and call it the Activity Pub 🍻

This take is lava hot 

On my current project I’m working with a team from Red Hat, many of whom didn’t make it to this year’s Summit. So I threw them all a little party when RHEL 8 was announced.

the arc of the programming universe is long, but it bends toward reimplementing email

Sundar Pichai trying to paint himself as the champion of the poor man’s privacy isn’t even the main problem here: a Big Tobacco CEO would love to be seen as the champion of your health and ditto a Big Oil CEO as defender of the environment.

Career success is a god that demands human sacrifice

I never thought I’d be a GNOME person, but using RHEL at work is tempting me to give it a shot

Tech interviewers: If you're assigning "Fizzbuzz" to applicants to make sure they understand control flow, remember:

The "b" in "Fizzbuzz" must be lowercase.

Allowing an uppercase "B" substantially simplifies the problem and sacrifices some of its diagnostic potential (such as it is).

(Why this is is left as an exercise for the tech interviewer. ;)

I don’t handle anxiety nearly as well as I used to, say, five years ago

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