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My 3yo got me a small toy monster truck for Christmas last year, and he has never let me forget it. It's an odd feeling to have something so perfectly useless as a toy monster truck and yet feel attached to it because of who it came from.

Christian chuch polity 

Christian chuch polity 

Although it seems like the maintainers also pushed perl-5.30 to the repos while some of the pentium4 modules were still built for 5.28, so that's discouraging

At this point I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that Wireguard builds for 32 are broken and that the only way I can get it working is with DKMS

FOSS hot take 

if you are planning to use Freedombone to set up a Pleroma instance, please be aware that Freedombone have extensively modified the default configuration, to among other things, use an arbitrary domain whitelist.

their default configuration limits you to a list of extremely arbitrary instances, including stuff like “” which is exactly what you think it is.

every single mainstream Pleroma instance is not present on their allowlist, and many mainstream Mastodon instances are also not present on their allowlist. it appears to be derived from the maintainer’s personal instance whitelist.

because of this, we do not suggest using Freedombone’s packaging of Pleroma. these changes have not been reviewed by the Pleroma developers and we would never ship a configuration with an arbitrary whitelist as default.


if you want an alternative method for setting up Pleroma easily, look at @cloud who do not impose broken defaults on you.

The guy next to me in this bar evidently thought Boris Johnson’s haircut was worthy of emulation

I don't really see how closed-by-default federation could work, especially for new small or single-user instances. I think we should encourage tooling that allows for smaller, more tailored communities.

Honestly I just want to subscribe to the blocklists for maybe a dozen other instances. Let me see their blocks in my admin UI and easily apply them to my own instance if I choose.

I just grabbed this pic so I could remember to buy it again, but it turns out I really like the composition (is that the right term?)

What level of nerd have I reached if I enjoy going through and cleaning out old entried from /etc/passwd and /etc/group?

Oh hey! Mastodon notification emails are now multipart messages with a plaintext part. Nice!

(Never use HTML in your email, please.)

It’s not a small thing when the company that has claimed over and over in the past year that it values privacy argues in court that the concept basically doesn’t exist

@djmoch also `git add -p` to interactively select hunks across the changed files.

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