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Qutebrowser updated is .desktop file name from qutebrowser.desktop to org.qutebrowser.qutebrowser.desktop. Update your mimeapps.list file accordingly.

Or just deal with the fact the Firefox is going to be your default browser going forward.

‪I’m old enough that music I was listening to in high school gets played on classic rock stations, and that kind of hurts. ‬

‪But I also kind of like it. Youth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. ‬

Never challenge Death to a pillow fight...

...unless you're prepared to handle the reaper cushions.

It seems like a gap in the Go Language Tour that there’s no explanation of how a rune differs from a char in other languages. It wasn’t obvious to me because I’m old and I still think in ASCII.

Or was it explained and I just missed it?

I don’t know enough about lexers and parsers. And recommendations for a general, introductory text?

There’s a lot I dislike about Java, but probably the worst is having to type out “boolean” instead of just “bool”

I tried them too, but the reality is I’ve never seen a man who looks good in low-rise pants. We all look ridiculous.

HTML emails are a risk to both your privacy and security. Send plaintext emails instead.

"Education isn't something you can finish"

-- Isaac Asimov

The #makeablog initiative has re-opened, with additional funds for 5 more blogs:

Thanks to Jamie Tanna for inspiring me to add some more funds to this pot!

Am I the only one who thinks we’d be better off if we dropped YAML in favor of TOML?

I love using because I have complete control over my OS. Less great is spending an hour recovering from an upgrade because I mis-typed a letter in a script.

I saw this article posted on HN, and it's a really interesting read. I saw a video a while back that showed just how far you can go with just built in #vim features, and it inspired me to trim my init.vim (I use #neovim) down and remove a whole mess of plugins, but I still have some kicking around. I don't think it's a worthwhile goal to not run *any* plugins, but this shows you don't need hundreds of lines in your vimrc.

#vim Thank you!

I still consider it in early development, and I am currently focused on fixing bugs, improving stability and making the code simpler.

But that's definitely something I would consider once it reaches 1.0.

Just pressed an elevator button and had the door immediately open, full of people. They each thought someone else had hit the button and had been standing in there, not moving.

This really just happened. I am currently running it and I am amazed by it. It is simple, straight forward and rock solid. Big shout-out to

I suppose a more fedi-aware way of linking this would be @dev

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