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I mean, yeah, I could just turn off signature verification, but the fact that that’s my choice is frustrating to say the least

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Can’t pacman -Syu my 32 box because one of the keys used to sign better than a dozen of the packages I need to upgrade expired today

All I hear from people every day is, “Just be yourself,” and then Halloween comes along and it’s like, “BE LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE.”

You people are exhausting.

Britney Spears’ “Toxic” was playing in Starbucks this morning and now I’m afraid it will be stuck in my head forever.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

One of the perverse incentives power creates is the ability of point out the specks in everyone else’s eyes without dealing with the logs in your own. The powerless don’t get to do that.

Actual vending machine error message: “Too many transactions. Try again later.”

I’m sorry you’ve been so busy, bending machine. I guess I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Me: Come on, flush! You piece of crap!

Toilet: Hey, I eat pieces of crap for breakfast!

Me: Why am I laughing?! That joke isn’t funny!

I took the day off from technology (as much as I could) last Sunday and it made the day more restful. I encourage you to try it!

(Also, you probably won’t hear from me again today.)

My most recent open source project:

Prevent short link services from tracking you and remove tracking parameters from the underlying urls.

You can 100% host it yourself and its #GPLv3

Hi, grumpy Unix user here. If you write a utility you want folks to appreciate, please write a manual page for it. Don't create a --help flag and call it a day, since that just provides a terse description of how to use it. The manual page is your chance to tell users what the tool is for (which is different than merely how to use it). Take advantage of the opportunity!

Wife spontaneously put on The Postal Service this morning, and I’m feeling it

I spoke with someone yesterday who thought that ClearCase was better than CVS. I couldn't believe it.

That's actually my whole story. It just blew my mind.

TFW your work laptop puts the Fn key inside the Ctrl key and your personal laptop puts it outside

I did, however, have my practical definition of a WAF corrected, so kudos there.

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The author keeps beating the "CloudFlare DoS's its customers" without sufficiently (in my opinion) establishing that term is even applicable. It makes for a pretty frustrating read throughout.

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Like this: "The HTTP status code for this page is 403 Forbidden. Essentially, Cloudflare by design randomly perpretrates denial of service attacks on users, yet at the same time Cloudflare paradoxically advertises itself as a service to mitigate DoS attacks."

The conclusion may be true, but I can't draw a line from the premise to get there. Yet this is asserted without further explanation.

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I'm happy to go on record saying that I don't like Cloudflare's dominant position in its market, and that it hasn't always been a good actor, but some of the claims in this article don't make sense to me.

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