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I’m trying to think … is there anyone on SNL today doing out-of-the-box non-skits like Jack Handey or Robert Smigel?

>19. 'Bash' and 'sh' are synonymous.

This list is the best of these that I've seen (or maybe just the one I know the most about...)

Bitcoin™: It sounds cryptocool until you think about the digital ponzi scheme and electricity consumption of a small nation part

Protonmail™: It sounds cryptocool until the giving ownership over the most important digital resource you have to a faux-open faux-secure commercial entity

It’s raining in my back yard in an area small enough for my children to run circles around

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Not everyone deserves the assumption of good faith, but I think we’re often too quick to abandon it in conversation with people we disagree with

Spent two weeks thinking I was in OFTC's suckless channel before learning I was in Freenode's and I don't know how to use ZNC.

Still waiting for an apology from Facebook that doesn’t mechanically include the words “We’re sorry; we’ll do better.” It seems inauthentic, doesn’t it?

Screw it. My problems with are almost all about colorscheme. From now on, set t_Co=0.

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I've come to the point where I tolerate as the best available option for a visual editor. I still think the sweet spot for me is somewhere between classic vi and vim.

:dont_at_me:, Plan9 people!

How to Opt Out of the Sites That Sell Your Personal Data (TL;DR: With a lot of work and tenacity)

who called it a sewing circle and not quilt by association

If you're not happy with the indentation of the HTML (or XML or JSON) file you're editing 

(:dont_at_me: about how you could just to man -Tps and pipe it right to your printer. I’m doing what’s called “a joke”)

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That’s right! You too can have dead-tree copies of all your manual pages for the low, low cost of man -Tpdf [manpage] > [manpage].pdf, plus paper and toner costs!

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