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Honestly thinking about building my own Linux from scratch.

Not just the kernel, but the whole user space too.

Taking a social media break for the holiday. See you all in the New Year!

iOS 13: More powerful than what took humanity to the moon, but still not powerful enough to run two timers at once

Somehow got myself involved in a thread on birdsite making funny references to Back To The Future.

It's been about as funny as a screen door on a battleship.

The odd thing about living in Florida (especially when you didn't grow up here) is the potential that you'll be decorating your Christmas tree during a thunderstorm.

I feel like Poetry is the dependency management solution Python devs want? Maybe?

I was actually just starting to get comfortable with requirements.txt.

But, again, the *ideal* solution would be for mail lists not to alter messages in a way that breaks DKIM, which, per the article, means the subject line and body can't be modified.

SRS is also an option, but I would bet that places more of a burden on list operators.

As it stands, I think my only real options are to either disable DMARC, or add SPF entries whitelisting the mail servers these mailing lists use. The former is a gamble, because they still might get rejected when the SPF/DKIM checks fail.

Because I use DMARC on my mail server, it seems I'm entirely invisible on most mailling lists because they're (at least) changing the subject line.

Wish more mailing list operators would read this:

“I want these halls bedecked, I’ll tell you, BEDECKED!!”

All web browsers suck, and therefore it’s ludicrous to try and force as much of your computery life as possible into one.

Also, Electron.

Call man an idealist, but even in these polarized times I believe we can agree on the simple fact that all web browsers suck

@djmoch Lua is great for these situations, it was literally built to be a scripting language that apps could implement for plugins/extensions.

I’m pretty close to adopting Vis as my editor of choice. It strikes a good balance between the spartan Vi and the configuration hell of Vim. For things I do want to configure (eg, file-type based expandtab setting), there’s a Lua API. Say what you will about Lua, but it’s better than Vimscript.

Plus structural regular expressions!

Twitter's decentralization play 

N63A: Supernova Remnant in Visible and X-ray

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, Chandra; Processing & License: Judy Schmidt #APoD

One thing I really appreciate about collaborating with @emacsen is that he's been very willing to listen to, consider, and adapt to constructive feedback, and has also been willing to give such feedback back in my direction (I strive to be as receptive, maybe don't always succeed). Ideally, we aren't statically defined beings; it's important that we be willing to work together to adapt towards better selves, especially as we take on new challenges.

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