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I’m going to have to get clever in terms of backing up this machine, since everything on my network currently gets backed up to an SMB share, and I can’t find any hint of smbfs support in recent versions of .

Mild cursing. Not angry. 

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Hardware support seems fidgety on compared to what I’m used to. I’m having to unplug my mouse and plug it back in because it just stops working. X11 will sometimes also refuse to start until I log out and back in.

Is this common? Anything I should be looking at to improve the situation?

I take that back. It doesn’t want to start X11 at all ...

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Seem to be having issues getting to start X11 when my laptop is connected to the USB-C dock ...

Which is all just another way of saying we don’t invest enough in training junior devs, and we’re paying the cost

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Meanwhile, the added complexity cost in terms of infrastructure ends up becoming a distraction from what we (senior devs and architects) should have been doing all along, *designing* really good, clear API’s and teaching junior devs to embrace and improve them.

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Software architecture is at a stage of maturity where microservices appear to make obvious sense, even though their only real value is providing strong API’s to separate code modules

Assuming there are costs associated with concurrent programming, has anyone put any thought into the situations where the benefits outweigh the costs?

Deleting code is one of the most satisfying things in software development.

Annoyed with myself for trying to rsync my home folder from my laptop onto a network drive instead of creating an archive.

It ran all night and didn’t complete, further delaying my install.

One small thing about switching to that I’m really excited about I’d that my son really likes puffer fish, which I didn’t even know until today

Prepping my laptop for the leap to : rsyncing my home volume so I can copy it back after the reformat.

Goals: UEFI boot with a custom-signed (secure boot) EFI loader and full-disk encryption. Everything else should more or less fall into place if I can get that worked out.

I switched to Slackware from Arch Linux like a month ago and I’m already wondering if I should have gone all-in and just switched to OpenBSD

We talk about refactoring software all the time, but when do we reach the inflection point in terms of complexity where we decide our whole tech stack needs to be refactored, from the operating system on up?

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