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Judging by the README, timkuijsten/wiresep looks like a pretty cool project users should be looking at

@djmoch video chats with friends. Wine party on camera. I just did 2 hours of taking on the radio to connect.

Not gonna lie, I don’t see myself in a good trajectory emotionally with all of this isolation. I’m an extrovert, after all.

What are you all doing to cope?

This ad paid for by Kleenex. Please touch your face responsibly.

While the world is justifiably focused on #COVID19 remember that our (US) leadership has yet another plan to effectively outlaw encryption called "EARN IT".

People who can't use email are ipso facto not competent to draft such legislation.

When I wonder how many of have converted to permanent remote work and just haven’t realized it yet …

There's treating people like objects. There's cheating on your wives. There's defrauding people financially. There's asking foreign powers to help you get elected. There's lying thousands of times a year as president.

And there's being nakedly evil, like trying to prevent much of humanity from getting access to life-saving medication.

One kind of freedom is the realization that you don’t need to have the last word in an argument with a stranger on the Internet

Maybe with iOS 14 Apple will see fit to give us MULTIPLE FLIPPIN’ TIMERS!!

I’ve received word that Disney+ subscribers will be able to stream Frozen 2 early as a gesture to make the global self-quarantine a little easier. Credit where it’s due: They’re leaving money on the table and they didn’t have to do that.

I was thinking about running FreeBSD and building a ZFS pool on the RAID I’m building next month, but after reading this I think I’ll stick with and FFS on softraid

Following -current on#OpenBSD. Just spent the past hour trying to figure out why pkg_add -u was failing so spectacularly. It was because I forgot to update to the latest base system snapshot first.

That feels like a rookie mistake right there.

If only there were a way to create a private network on the Internet, but like a virtual one, spanning subnets.

Hint: This exists. It’s called a VPN, and Facebook is the worst.

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