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I would like to thank everyone who worked on the #OpenBSD 6.7 release.

Also the artwork is really awesome.

What’s the German word for the emotion accompanying the feeling of accidentally dropping a small piece of ice on the floor and stepping on it barefoot?

To all the people I ever questioned for thinking that files should always end with a newline: I’m sorry

Some of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn in life were also the simplest.

Like the book of Ecclesiastes. I used to try so hard to understand what it meant to “chase after the wind,” when the obvious answer turned out also to be the correct one. To wit: We waste our energy on dumb shit.

I didn’t know what an suid program was until that bit somehow got unset on my ping executable

My children are struggling to accept that “sleeping out” is not a phrase since “sleeping in” is.

How’s everyone else’s quarantine going?

When will face masks hit high fashion? Or has this already happened?

Contrary to what my banner photo might suggest, I *also* like single-malt

Understanding the purpose and use of awd really upped my Acme game. Always read the manual!

People who decry software as “opinionated” think that software should be byzantine and hard to use

So much modern “convenience” is just us agreeing to be advertised to on the promise that it will be “relevant.”

I’m thinking here particularly of app suggestions on your lock screen based on location and purchase history, but it’s true in other places as well.

Got my new server put together and then promptly realized that the only display port it has is a VGA.

How do I not have a VGA cable?

I finally gave up and tried cutting my own hair. I can’t stress enough that this is a form of giving up for me and the result reflects that.

The thing about the Web is that it’s bad for *almost everything* we use it for. We’ve collectively grabbed a hammer and turned almost every CS problem into a nail.

Juste the other day, there was a massive fiber cut in my city.

An idiot with too much time on his hands and a big circular saw decided to enter a telecom room and cut fiber optics at random. Dozens of carriers hit. Thousands of people without phone or Internet. Fun times.

Since $NEW_JOB uses #OpenBSD for its backbone, as well as its technologies (CARP, OpenBGPD, pf, etc...) we just had a burp while primaries became secondaries and vice-versa.

This blowfish thingie just works. 🐡

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