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Found this free college textbook and now I’m very interested in Oregon State University

When you’re a software engineer, there’s no shortage of people on the Internet willing to tell you that Rust is the answer to your problems. Their droning has become the white noise of my online existence.

Oh, I just got structural regular expressions. Pretty neat tool!

You, an expert talking about your area of expertise: [anything, really]

Me, some rando, as if you need my opinion: This is *so true*

You don’t have to tell me this is myopic bordering on solipsistic; I know. I live the kind of privileged life where I can afford to be angry about something like this.

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Honestly, at the moment I’m mostly just angry to live in a world where the apex of general computing is Linux and not Plan9

I try not to be one of those folks who can’t open his mouth but to say bad things about systemd, but honestly I’d probably still be using if they weren’t constantly making backward-incompatible changes

Some days that “rat race” metaphor for modern life seems so distressingly apt

Me: “Congratulations, you just changed your mobile app’s icon without making any other obvious changes. What are you going to do next?”

You: “Just more useless stuff that no one asked for that attracts no one and alienates existing customers.”

Software engineers are often told they're not a real engineering discipline, and in some ways I agree, but let's be fair. Software engineers are also subjected to market pressures that don't exist in other engineering disciplines. No one tells a civil engineer to build more bridges faster, even while half of them are failing.

"Modularity is the most direct path to innovation. We should do our absolute best to build programs that do one thing well, can be tried early, and work well together. Anything else guarantees stagnation, lock-in, frustration, and eventual obscurity."

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My rule for social networks:

What you're reading here typically isn't anyone's opinion. It's merely a thought someone had and shared with you in written form.

We should really try and stop judging or criticizing people as if we're reading their master's thesis.

In the near-term I’ll be working to ban any console program that isn’t aware of whether or not it’s operating in a dumb terminal.

I used to be anti-mouse, thinking that if you couldn’t do everything with a keyboard that your UI was automatically bad. Now I just see that it’s the way we typically imagine a mouse-driven UI working that’s bad. Plan 9, and to a lesser extent twm, are great mouse-driven UI’s

I feel like I'm getting the chance to relax for the first time in like six weeks, which is a combination of exciting and exhausting

Software engineers are constantly subjected to the same conundrum Blaise Pascal faced when he wrote, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I didn’t have the time.”

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More lines of code means more bugs. Therefore, the easiest way to write less bugs is to write less code. That’s not to say doing so would take less time. Indeed, large software projects often grow large because of a lack of time.

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