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You either die a hero, or you live long enough to become Apple

It’s easy when you have children to think that your job is to make the world as safe as possible for them.

No. Your job is to prepare them to give the world what it needs most, probably at some risk to themselves.

I’m a perfectionist, and so I tend to define my problem space very narrowly so I can realistically come us with what I think is the perfect solution.

Then every once in a while something pulls my self-imposed blinders away and I get overwhelmed with the scale of the world’s problems.

Screw you, birdsite.

The curse of DevOps is that there is a lot of free software out there for teams to use, but most of it isn't very good.

What K8s does is complex by definition, and so the UX is complex.

I know I'm not the first person to suggest that the people who know K8s the best will often end up rolling their own solution.

The curse of software is that once you understand something deeply enough you often just rewrite it to work for you.

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Possible rephrasing of the lesson: Complexity worsens as it tries to hide itself

Take Kubernetes. People who think of container orchestration as a single problem are wrong. It's a lot of related problems. K8s is scary complicated because it tries to wrap all of them.

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15 years ago: A shell script (CGI) on your computer

Now: Server-side JavaScript deployed in a container built via GitHub actions on a Kubernetes node hosted in an IAAS.

The lesson (I think): Complexity begets complexity.

Also, this:

Now I need to find someplace else to host my IRC bouncer

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It seems the NIC on my Raspberry Pi 3+ bought the farm

Whether or not the statement is factually accurate, the idea of a science agency responding to obvious political pressure is hard to comprehend

GNU has its share of problems, but using Busybox for its userspace rules out Alpine Linux for me

I think you become a senior software developer when code reviews become the exciting place where you get to share what you learned with the rest of your team

God help you if you decide to put your Git worktree in a non-standard location (like a normal person would want to do for, say, a dotfiles repo). Bugs are constantly creeping in because the devs apparently don't think to test it.

If you guys are scared of a fediverse server archiving your stuff, good... but understand that this behavior doesn't have to announce itself.

Those that do are little scary, those that don't... well, they're monitoring.

I'll let you decide for yourself... but just know that OSINT on the Fedi is a trivial task if one were to wish to undertake it.

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