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Replaced GNU coreutils with sbase on my laptop and probably never looking back

@sir I take it you're behind I'm a bit curious about it. What's the best way to send you a few questions?

Please wait until I’ve finished typing my email address before you tell me it’s invalid.

Also the vi that busybox provides. I assume they’re largely the same code base. My current theory is that the tags function doesn’t handle UTF-8.

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Actually I’m starting to think it’s the version of vi(1) provides

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RMS and the free software community 

I guess it's not just the font. The whole thing is just not scaling.

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So HiDPI font rendering appears not to work on after the update to Qt 5.13.1 on

Anyone else seeing this?

Am I way off base here? Does the idea seem interesting?

Is there an argument to be made that starting services in containers is not something an init system should be doing?

Is someone doing this already?

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I’ve defended systemd on the grounds that it’s the only init system I’m aware of that is able to take advantage of Linux namespaces out of the box.

Is that assertion correct?

Even if it is, I’m thinking it’s possible to create an init system that’s hella simpler that can still start services as (quasi?) containers.

Step 1: Scope it down so it’s just an init system/service supervisor, not a “system manager”

Step2: Reduce namespacing options to two or three

corporate proxy 1-0 busybox wget

Even with $http_proxy set, the wget returns an error

I’m liking busybox less and less

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