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@sir have you seen the stuff happening with the Open Technology Fund recently?

"The head of the Open Technology Fund (OTF) Corporation, which funds internet freedom projects and technologies, resigned Wednesday because she said she became aware of a lobbying effort that would push the group's funds toward closed-source tools rather than the open-source ones it has traditionally championed."

It’s summertime in Florida. Stepped outside and nearly melted.

wiresep seems to be broken on my i386 gateway device. Just up and stopped working in the middle of the day yesterday.

Contemplating installing an snapshot and testing in-kernel WireGuard, but I’m loathe to do that on my gateway device.

If you put bananas in your cereal, then we make different choices, but i ultimately have no quarrel with you. If you willingly eat banana *flavored* cereal, then something is wrong with you.

I don’t really care if I come off as a bit grumpy, but I never want to be unhelpful

acme(1) has restored my hope that the mouse can actually be a useful tool in computing

I can provide more details if anyone is interested. What I know is that an ioctl somewhere is going pretty horribly awry.

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Looks like uvideo(4) is going to need some attention if it’s going to properly support this Magecart HDMI to UVC dongle I bought.

Gearing up for my first foray into kernel land. Wish me luck!

Today has gone from “I’m tired,” to “I feel pretty good,” to “I’m need to take a long lunch and clear my head,” all in the space of a couple hours

Apple has reached the “try to get your money before you do” stage of corporate voraciousness

TFW when you wake up more tired than when you went to bed and you know the feeling is mostly emotional and has little or nothing to do with how much sleep you actually got

Of all the dumb CI/CD solutions out there, Jenkins has to be the dumbest

@djmoch agreed. While I wouldn't call programming "the new literacy", since it really is quite okay for someone to not be a programmer, I do think learning to program is a lot like learning to read and write prose. Before you can totally apply your problem solving skills to creating program, you should be fluent enough in writing and reading code so that syntax is taking up very little of your brain power.

In agreement with the point of the article, I'm not really a fan of the word "coding", since the emphasis and joy of programming is not writing code, but designing a system with interconnected parts.

The problem with this article isn’t what it asserts, but what it denies. It creates a false choice between teaching problem solving and teaching programming language syntax.

Oh, nice. IPv6 isn't working on my VPS. I wonder how long that's been going on.

The obvious answer here is probably the correct one. If I email myself (different service provider) directly, then DKIM passes. There's probably a header or something getting munged on the mailing list that I didn't think was part of the DKIM check.

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